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Amber Diamond

Amber's our specialist in all things Account Handling, not only that but she's also a certified lifeguard.


Amy Clarke

Amy is a serial-napper. Any place, any time. She’s also our Freelance Design expert and works with top brands in industry.

Senior Consultant

Amy Hunt

She’s our Freelance Design Queen and is obsessed with Peanut Butter.

Senior Consultant

Amy Pattison-Emms

Amy’s your go to girl for all things PR, she’s got a wealth of experience having lived in South Africa, Canada, Thailand and the UK.


Charlie Morgan

He’s our digital + social expert and he's travelled to every continent in the world.


Charlotte Cook

Charlotte is our film fanatic, if it's in the cinema, she's seen it. She's also our In-house freelance design & studio expert for entertainment and publications


Charlotte Hunt

She’s our Freelance Creative Queen and also one half of our twins in the office, they do everything together.

Managing Director

Francesca Hernandez

Fran's our MD and a self-certified Cheese Connoisseur

Senior Consultant

Holley Potts

Holley once hitchhiked in Egypt and ended up at a Bedouin wedding in the desert, she’s also our Freelance Digital Design expert.


Katie Costello

She’s our Freelance Project Management + Production expert and a self-proclaimed champion fidget spinner.


Kimberley Wardle

Kim’s our resident Pop Princess and regularly likes to bust out a tune in the office, she’s also Gemini People’s Director.

Operations Manager

Lana Furey

Lana’s the one that keeps things ticking along in the background as our Ops Manager, she also taught English in Thailand.

Team Administrator

Laura Burkett

Laura is is our expert in all things freelance related and she's our Queen of snacks.


Marc Sigrist

Marc is happiest scooting around the capital on two wheels. He's also our Interim Managing Director and heads up our perm team.


Oliver Kleingeld

Oly's your go-to-guy for perm Digital Design & UX. He also does an uncanny impressions of Gollum from Lord of the Rings & The Cave from Aladdin...


Olu Ogunlola

He’s our Artwork and Studio Specialist as well as being a master chess player, don’t believe us? Ask for a match.

Accounts Assistant

Puja Patel

Puja is our Dancing Queen, when she’s not managing our accounts, she’s bopping away to the latest tunes.

Senior Consultant

Rachel Lenihan

She’s our Freelance Project Management + Production expert. She can twirl and throw a baton, a skill from her cheerleading days.

Senior Consultant

Robbie Yates


Sean Williams

Do you golf? Sean does and describes himself as a bit of a fanatic. He’s also our Freelance Digital Design Consultant.

Talent Attraction Coordinator

Shea Caeser-Brown

Associate Director

Sophie Roulston

Sophie’s our die-hard Harry Potter fan, she’s even read the books in German! If it’s Planning and Strategy you’re after she’s your girl.


Stella Shkreli

When she’s not recruiting Account Manager’s, Stella’s taking a road trip in another country. She goes every year with family.

Marketing Manager

Stephanie Moakes

She’s our Marketing Guru and has been described as Gemini’s Donna (Suits, if you know, you know)


Takudzwa Pasirayi

If it's front-end development you're after, TK's your man. He's a movie buff and action is his No.1 but you won't see him turn down a good chickflick

Senior Consultant

Tom Gee

Freelance Account Management is his thing but before Gemini he managed a Grape Farm in the Australian outback.

Assistant Management Accountant

Vaani Krishnamohan

She’s a super Marvel nerd and because she’s the one that makes sure everyone gets paid, she’s definitely our Captain Marvel.

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We offer flexible working hours so you can get a work life balance that suits you. We also know that hard work deserves to be rewarded that’s why we run company-wide incentives with trips to places such as Budapest, Ibiza and Valencia. We also offer generous holiday allowance and extra days for every year you’re with us.

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