Welcome Pax and Rachel to our Freelance Project Management & Production Team!

We’ve added two new additions to the team to work across Freelance Project Management and Production.

They recruit top creative services talent for some of the biggest London agencies as well as the small boutique’s. For them it’s all about making sure they connect the right talent with the right roles; they make it their priority to get to know both their client’s and candidates needs and wants in order to achieve this.

A few interesting things about Rachel

  • She originally studied Forensic Science but quickly realised that she did not like analysing blood samples and switched to a degree Business Management.
  • She worked in retail and fashion and on her second day in one of her old jobs, she was sent to assist with dressing a very famous tennis player can you guess which one?
  • She has two cats called Willow and Lola. Poor Lola has anxiety (life is difficult even for cats these days it seems!)
  • Crime and conspiracy documentaries are her go to entertainment and she’s partial to a Gin and Tonic…

A few interesting things about Pax

  • Wishes she was born in the 70’s so that she could appreciate the Disco 70’s – best year for music is 1979!!
  • She has amazing pooch Hugo, who she’s taught to sit, paw and rollover
  • She not only loves eating cheese but she loves a cheesy joke and actually thinks she’s hilarious. She’s a self-proclaimed queen of Dad jokes!

To find out how they can help you find the perfect role or the best talent in the industry, get in touch via email pax@geminipeople.com & Rachell@geminipeople.com or check out their latest vacancies here.

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