Welcome our new Director Marc Sigrist

A word from Marc

I joined Gemini People this year to support the perm business, as well as provide leadership support for our SMT group and growth plans for 2019; it’s a very exciting time!

Next year I’ll be celebrating 20 years in recruitment – which is ridiculous – and as you might expect I have picked up a bit of recruitment experience along the way, which makes our growth plans at Gemini People all the more exciting as I apply what I’ve learnt to what we need. Fundamentally, I’m a real people person and love delivering through teams of super engaged and empowered consultants that are focused on the journey as well as the goal. It has to be fun as well as challenging and rewarding, right?!

A few more interesting things about Marc

  • He doesn’t just work in London, he’s an actual Londoner too, so is normally happiest embracing this great city riding around on 2 wheels
  • He’s an avid wine lover and likes exploring recognised wine styles from unrecognised places
  • He’s a dad of 3 rugby and sporty mad boys, so is resigned to the fact that the dad taxi will be in motion for the next two decades!

If you'd like to get to know more about Marc and are interested in joining the team get in touch with him via email or check out our latest opportunities here.

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