Welcome Amy Pattison-Emms to our PR Team


I’m a South African senior consultant with a degree in Journalism and Linguistics. I specialize in PR recruitment for small to medium sized agencies in London.

I started working as a teacher in Thailand when I finished university, after which I moved to Canada. In Canada, I worked at a social media marketing agency while interning at a local TV station. I then moved to London and worked in marketing for various sectors. I then worked in marketing for a recruitment firm, as they were expanding globally, it was here that I discovered my calling-recruitment.

Now, I focus on finding candidates who produce thought-provoking, creative and strategic campaigns for diverse clients. I like to publicize PR professionals’ accomplishments and their creative minds, while being a brand ambassador for companies and their working cultures. It’s about all about building inspiring teams and elevating careers for me.


She loves getting lost in countries, meeting strangers, finding antiques and trying odd foods.

She loves scuba diving, cycling and art. She was once a national gymnast-promising herself she will get back into it each year but we’re still waiting.

You’ll often find her wearing a monstrosity she made herself-formal sewing lessons are underway though.

She narrowly missed the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand by a matter of hours.

She once worked as a sous chef cooking Moroccan food.

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