Vic Lee on his inspiration and best projects so far!

What were you doing before and how did you get into doing this type of work?

So I was a graphic designer for the best part of 20 years, working with some of London's finest agencies. I headed up a lot of projects for the likes of Adidas, Coca Cola, Nescafe and Colgate. My graphic side was to begin with in retail design and I worked mainly with interior and architectural designers. I then moved into branding, marketing and visual communications. It was great fun and i learnt a lot. And now many of the people I worked with as designers are now creative directors or run their own agencies, and I now get commissioned as an artist / Illustrator by these good people!

Where does your inspiration come from?

Everywhere - I dont do galleries or shows so much. My visual stimulation is walking or cycling around London. Its a big free gallery space in itself. The patterns, designs, colours, fashions - all free!

Which is your favourite project so far?

All of them! Seriously - everyone is different. Going into different spaces to paint on walls - all completely different. I meet so many people from all wakes of life, hear many stories, lifes great tapestry. And working on packaging and products is so much fun. How my work will look and interact with packs and people. Its a real buzz getting a final piece printed and sent to the studio! 

Are there any other artists doing similar work that you admire?

Loads - from ceramics to furniture, print to jewellers, list is endless really. Choosing one person for each 

Ceramics - Helen Johannessen

Furniture - Gareth Neal

Jewellery - Ruth Tomlinson

Makers - Claire Robinson, Mr Jones Watches, 

Typographers - Tobias Hall, Tobias Saul, 

Gilders and glass - Dave Smith, Aline Johnson

 It sort of goes on!

What’s the hardest project you’ve ever worked on?

Ooh - Probably planning everything when working abroad - I have to be so meticulous taking everything I need - Plus spares! Working in LA for Virgin - I took two projectors and dozens of pens, nibs and paint - Really thought I might get stopped at the airport with so much stuff.

Actually Gemini! A round wall - blimey!

What’s the most random object you’ve been asked to design a mural for?

I have painted on many a thing. Crash helmets, Anglepoise lamps, paper dogs, Bicycles, even a plaster bust of Dolly Parton.

Have you ever finished a piece and then had to start again from scratch?

No! Thankfully - sometimes I do a piece that I don't like and will paint over and start again - as you know!

What’s your favourite industry to design for? Agencies, brands etc

I still get a massive kick when companies, agencies anyone really asks me to do stuff for them - Its an honour to get involved with something and to be asked. To be able to  do what I do that makes people smile is a - mazing! I get so much freedom to do my thing and a huge amount of trust - and that in itself is something to be proud of.

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