The Immortal Awards: Celebrating the best creativity the industry has to offer

As talent partner for the Immortal Awards, we caught up with Paul Monan, Awards Director on the concept behind the awards, how they're changing awards ceremonies and why they celebrate the best of the best creativity.

With so many other industry awards available to enter, why did LBB decide to start its own awards?

The advertising landscape is ever changing. It looks incredibly different now than it did a year ago – let alone five or ten. When we launched The Immortal Awards in 2018, we did so at a time when our industry was fatigued at an award show model that couldn’t evolve as quickly as the industry does.

Little Black Book is built on celebrating creativity, bringing the worlds of brand, agency, production, post-production and beyond together in one place. Introducing an award was a dream of ours for a long time and last year we felt was the right time to launch an award for the modern world of advertising. By settling upon a model that we believe is as democratic as it is simple, we’ve created a level playing field for our entrants that sees the best of the best rise to the top. Quite simply, we just really love great creative work and want to champion it!

How did you decide on the name?

Collectively! The awards were conceived to celebrate great creative work that has a meaningful impact on its audience. They champion the teams, creators and clients who fight to deploy creativity to its fullest effect. They celebrate incredible ideas that are exceptionally executed and will live long in the memory for years, if not decades, to come.

We knew what we wanted to do and had spent a lot of time developing the model, so finding a name to befit the concept was important. The whole team came together one morning to brainstorm names and I’m not entirely sure who first shouted the word Immortal, but as soon as it was mentioned we all knew that it was the perfect word to encapsulate what our award is all about.

What makes the Immortal Awards unique to other awards in the industry?

The Immortals are really built around three key points.

Firstly, entering is free for all members of Little Black Book. It comes at no additional cost to our community because we understand the importance of awards in furthering the careers of creatives but recognise just how tough the industry is now, particularly financially!

Secondly, it’s dead simple to enter. We’ve built the entry system into our platform so that entrants can submit work directly from their creative archive or fill in a super straightforward submission form in just a few minutes.

Finally, whilst entering the awards is easy, winning an award is really tough - because that’s the way it should be! Companies are limited to a maximum of five entries to ensure only the very best work is entered. And there were just four Immortal awards handed out in our inaugural year, so the standard that’s been set is super tough!

What are the main things you look for in winning entries?

We believe that creativity is the key to work that really works – but we know that those great ideas face many obstacles on their perilous journey to reach their audience. That’s why those with the courage to protect and push, nurture and defend great creative should be recognised and shared as an inspiration to the whole industry.

In an age of forgettable spam, we want to appreciate the clever and crafted work that connects and resonates with the people it touches. In other words, celebrating the work that will live forever in the memories of its audience and leaves a lasting impression on the brand that commissions it. The Immortal!

It's definitely a tough brief, so it must be key that you have the right people judging. What do you look for in the judges?

The world’s best creative work should be judged by the world’s best creatives, which is why we put together the strongest jury that we possibly can. It’s a blend of leading names from brands, agencies, production and post-production houses, with a real mix of experienced jurors and, importantly for us, those who are actually creating this incredible work. We work hard on making sure it’s a balanced jury from all corners of the globe.

Last year's judges were amazing, and this year they are pretty special too - already including Mark Tutssel (CCO and Chairman of Leo Burnett), Sally Campbell (Founding Partner at Somesuch), Ronald Ng (Global CCO of Isobar), Jose Miguel Sokoloff (CCO or MullenLowe EMEA and Head of Global Creative Council), Martina Poulopati (Global Brand Communications at Essity) Sergio Lopez (Chief Production Officer, McCann EMEA) and Jen Speirs (ECD at Rothco). 

Is entry open to everyone?

The Immortal Awards is open to all members of Little Black Book, who are each capped to a maximum of five entries. Our community is home to the world’s greatest creative companies across the brand, agency, production and post spheres – and beyond - and anyone who’s creatively credited on an ad or campaign can enter it.

So, the important bits, how do you enter and when’s the deadline?

To enter this year’s awards, simply head over to the Immortals submissions page, log in to your LBB account and hit Create Submission. It only takes a few minutes to build an entry! If you’re not a member of LBB yet, then sign up here and we’ll get you ready for submission. But don’t hang around – the deadline is fast approaching, and you’ve only got until September 9th to get your entries in for this year’s awards!

Lastly, what are some of the other benefits of being signed up to LBB?

Little Black Book is way more than just the Immortals! We’re a paywall-free, democratic and truly international platform that allows creative companies to shine by giving them full control.

You can find new collaborators and clients by joining the growing network of members. Big brand marketers visit the site every day, and we believe that giant networks and tiny start-ups all deserve a voice - membership is affordable and packed with benefits.

It's one platform at one cost with an ever-increasing number of tools. There’s our news channel, portfolio, creative collections, Immortal Awards, job board and guaranteed access to the legendary LBB & Friends Beach in Cannes – basically way too much for a short answer, so check out the full range of features here!


Paul Monan - Awards Director - Immortal Awards

Paul Monan is the Awards Director for The Immortal Awards. As Awards Director, Paul leads the day-to-day running of The Immortal Awards, the international advertising awards from Little Black Book. Based in London, he helped shape the Immortals in its formative stages ahead of its 2018 launch. Under his leadership, the Immortals has garnered plenty of international support as an award for the modern world of advertising.

'Without our incredible partners, we simply wouldn't be able make the Immortal Awards happen. It's so exciting for us to partner with like-minded creative companies who champion not just great work, but the people who make it. We're delighted to welcome Gemini People into the Immortals community as we continue our mission to inspire creatives all over the world'

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