The development of creative and strategy at Channel 5

We spoke to Rob Fox about his journey into the industry, the changes he's seen within creative and strategy at Channel 5 and what advice he would give young talent trying to get into the industry.

How did you get into the industry?

Like most people I work with, I had no idea that broadcasters had creative teams, let alone the full scope of their remit (idents, continuity, branding, channel takeovers, stunts, the list goes on and on).  However, I did know that they did news and that sounded pretty varied so I embarked on a broadcast journalism degree with a mind to landing a plum job with Sky Sports.  It would appear though that upon securing a position with them (network co-ordinator - pretty f*cking boring) I then experienced first-hand the reality of day-trips to interview the manager of Dagenham & Redbridge FC (not a trip worth repeating) and from there found myself drawn to the creative team with their big commercial shoots, fast-paced edits and amazing design team (never looked back…).

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