Our Top 5 Christmas Ads for 2019

In less than 16 days, the big bearded man (Santa, hopefully!) would have been and gone, you’ll have more than likely experienced the most intense food coma of the year and Christmas will be bought to a close with one of your relatives passed out on the sofa snoring like a wildebeest.

Until then though, it’s all about the Christmas ads – the UK equivalent to the super bowl where creativity is celebrated (and commiserated) in bucket loads. This year’s barrage of ads include everything from dancing vegetables, a Dickensian adventure to Mariah Carey taking the smallest bite ever out of a crisp.

We have rounded up our most favourite Christmas ads from 2019 and without further ado, here are our top 5:

IKEA – Silence The Critics

Barely recognisable as a Christmas ad, IKEA have produced an absolute belter here. Steering clear of the Christmas cliché’s that are rammed down our throats year on year, they have turned the car around and bought us a much needed dose of grime from the godfather himself, D Double E with “Birds In The Sky”.

Admittedly, the direct link to Christmas is tenuous but the clever and hilarious lyrics coupled with antique ornaments being totally disparaging of their surroundings, make this a stand out piece of creative.

Agency: Mother


M&S – Go Jumpers for Christmas

We all LOVE an M&S Christmas ad, particularly the slathering’s of “food porn” that have been abundant on our TV screens over the years. M&S have split their creative, and this campaign features shoulder rolls, House of Pain’s 1992 hit Jump Around and even a dog in a patterned jumper!

Agency: ODD

Do not panic though, you can still get your food fix with their ‘This Is Not Just Food… This is a M&S Christmas Food’ ad:


John Lewis & Waitrose – Excitable Edgar

The linchpin of Christmas ads, the pressure on John Lewis to produce is palpable. This year they return with a cute arsonist called Edgar, who has a habit of alienating himself with the villagers. It’s a very sweet, innocent and good-hearted as - watch out for the impeccable performance by Ruby Dailly who plays Ava!

Agency: Adam&EveDDB


Sky – ET Returns

The Christmas ad we didn’t know we wanted or needed. The return of our favourite alien, E.T., makes it home in time to “Reconnect this Christmas” with the original Elliott. Nostalgic and rather charming, Sky have rolled out the big guns with input from Steven Spielberg.


Dogs Trust – Dog For Life

It’s not all about festive cheer though. The Dogs Trust highlights the heartbreak of abandoned pets over the festive season with an animated Corgi who steals the hearts on Christmas day, only to be chucked in the rubbish the day after. Set to Sam Smith’s cover of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, this one’s a tear-jerker.

Agency: And Rising

By George Greenaway-Poole


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