Obtaining fulfillment in your PR career – is working in the not-for-profit sector the answer?

People regularly inquire about in-house charity roles on their quest for a role with a professional sense of purpose. This is a great way to gain a sense of moral achievement -  but it’s not the only road to creating a difference. 

While product pushing has lost its shine, to approach recruiters without being able to answer what cause is near and dear to your heart won’t sound very convincing to an employer. You’re likely to sound like a beauty queen declaring your goal is world peace.

If, as a job seeker, you are serious about working in the NFP space, then the following points will clearly help you to outline why you are a potential valuable employee:

Commit to something you’re passionate about

If you’re thinking of going in-house to a charity, it's best to decide what cause matters most to you, as there won’t be anything else to turn your attention to on a hump day.  You’ve got to be serious about who you are committing to dedicating your professional soul to – and you have to care. If not, you won’t deliver the work that you are most proud of as your passion won’t be present.

Action your goal

One could forgive you for your CV not resembling Greta Thunberg’s, however, it may be best to take part in charitable activities on your weekend, to offer credibility when applying for positions. Show the potential employer that your passion for their cause goes above and beyond. 

Get your current clients involved

As you know, brands are becoming prominent members of the philanthropic space at the moment; through harnessing their healthy budgets, to produce initiatives to create change. Raising awareness is nice, but producing actual change takes dedication from all parties. Who actually wants to be part of a purposeful campaign just for show, rather than delivering actual change?

If you’re finding your brands are only adopting purpose superficially instead of ingraining it their business model, it may be time to provide honest advice internally, or reconsider which agency you work for.

Clients may claim budget restrictions are holding them back - it’s worth reminding them that having a voice will not clear out the company coffers.  For example, Edeka, a supermarket in Germany produced this stunt that led shoppers to think about the effects of racism.

In your head you can probably calculate how little it cost to execute this – yet how much more valuable the response was.


Ultimately, there are many ways to find moral fulfillment in your role. I’ll be keeping my eye on PR Week and LinkedIn to hear all about the meaningful campaigns that you will be implementing.

Creating change can be done in many ways – and it all starts with you.

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