February Creative Round-Up

This month we have been blessed with 34-day old burgers from the King, a public house for hedgehogs and ‘romantic’ tweets plastered around the underground.

Here is our round-up of some of the best creative that tickled our senses in February:


Burger King served us mouldy Whopper realness

Burger King showed us the beauty of no artificial preservatives by unveiling a 34-day old decaying burger, consumed by fungus and mould. Delish.

This new campaign has been devised to highlight the removal of artificial preservatives from the Whopper burger whilst taking a dig at McDonald’s, which over the years has been subject of several viral photos and videos spotlighting its burgers which look the same after years and years.

Agency: Ingo, David and Publicis

The beauty of such a campaign means that it leaves the door wide open for other brands to join the conversation. Nando’s turned up the heat by unveiling what their Peri Peri Chicken Burger looks like after 3-4 minutes – well played Nando's, well played!

 nandos whopper


Stormzy sausage rolls with Greggs exclusive concierge card

Greggs revealed its ‘next level VIP’ service for its die-hard celebrity fans, with Stormzy being the first lucky member. The news broke on an Instastory to his 3.1 million followers, “Public Service Announcement: The game has changed forever. Check this.” Watch it here. 

The slick membership card also came with a pair of size-12 Greggs slippers – a nod to him appearing live on BBC Breakfast, admitting he would go everywhere in them if he could.

49555611123 55754d6ede c

Agency: Taylor Herring


Tesco’s: About bloody time

Tesco has become the first UK supermarket to launch a range of plasters in different skin tones. Born out of a viral tweet by Dominique Apollon, amassing over half a million likes and 100k retweets in the process, Tesco’s new range of plasters will be available in three skin tones.

Spot on product by Tesco. Spot on copy and execution.

20 800 AOTD

Agency: BBH London


Be A Lady They Said

So many ideas we receive about womanhood carry shame. There is a notion that somewhere there is a perfect version of you if you were just a little less or a little more, you might just be right. The words, originally published in 2017, are by blogger Camille Rainvill.

Bravo Girls Girls Girls Magazine for starting the conversation and heralding a new era. Not silent, cute or invisible. 


Table for Two?

Ever wondered why there is a tiny table in standing in the middle of your pizza? No, we didn’t either, but apparently its stop your pizza being crushed by the box. Boston Pizza has added another ‘layer’ of fun to their deliveries but completing the patio ensemble by adding two dining chairs.

Pizza Patio Set 01

Agency: John St.


Dodgy dating and mating

Twitter combated the cringe Valentine’s customs with a campaign that poked fun at the perils of dating life.

At a time where London was plastered in romantic gestures, Twitter was taking over tube platforms with mortifying stories, cringe-worthy confessions and unlikely advice. 

Twitter 1

Twitter 2

Agency: In-house


We’re all off for a pint at The Hibernation Arms

But if you’re not a hedgehog, you’re not coming in.

To coincide with Camden Town Brewery’s launch of its latest limited seasonal range, Hells in Hibernation, they have teamed up with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. While most pubs have a few prickly customers, this is a welcome sight to help our little spikey friends hibernate this winter in an ever-changing environment.

camden hedgehog pub 640x424

The Hibernation Arms is available to buy from Camden’s online shop here!

Agency: W



Writing your name on a cup is a small gesture, but it has the ability to have an enormous impact.

Kudos to Starbucks and Iris for their #whatsyourname campaign, which celebrates diversity through transgender and gender diverse people as they use their new name in public. A well-deserved winner of Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising Award. Powerful.

Agency: Iris


B******t – Virgin Media

The Virgin brand continues to disrupt the market and is certainly not afraid to pull any punches.

In retaliation to BT slating the brand, Virgin Media hit back with a number of provocative billboards around Bristol, alluding their opinion of the ‘B******T’ tactics. Bold use of asterixis.

Virgin Media

Agency: Rapp UK


Mamba Forever – A Tribute

Nike has paid tribute to late basketball star Kobe Bryant in a stripped back ad which was launched on the day of his memorial service.

The brand said in a statement: "‘Mamba forever' pays tribute to a beloved member of the Nike family, Kobe Bryant. One of the greatest athletes of his generation, Bryant had an immeasurable impact on the world of sport and the community of basketball."

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy Portland

By George Greenaway-Poole


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