The Best of 2018

Amongst the gorged pipes full of ‘its-all-about-me-and-my-perfectly-imperfect-family’ this Christmas, the latest spot from the National Lottery stood out a country mile.  A pleasant relief from the ever-so-lucky-fisherman, the Haircuts4Homeless ad struck a beautiful balance.  Whilst I’m frivolously gambling and as likely to win as wake up next to David Attenborough, I can rest assured that my stake is supporting the smaller and rarely told charities the Lottery supports.  The simple story of a small yet generous act of kindness making people look and feel better about themselves made me feel that my frivolous bet was a winner, whether I won or lost.

Spotify was another winner this year, with their data-led Playlist campaign.  Wading through the gazillion playlists, unearthed the wonder of the people creating odd compilations to get through life, Royal Weddings, The Shark Song and Pooty . . . 

Spotify 2018 Wrapped OOH

It would be hard not to mention Rang-Tan and his moves for Iceland.  As the king of party snacks, we expect to see Iceland across every channel in the run up to Christmas.  But the unexpected sustainability message around their food blasted the competition away.  And natty PR work from Webber who grasped the lack of TV coverage with a publicity campaign the media buyers could only have dreamt of.

And I’ll finish on the Joburg Ballet.  Each day for 8 days they produced a series of bite-sized ballets inspired by the previous days biggest news story.  From the Western Cape drought to the Mayweather fight, and Black Panther to the #MeToo movement.  In an instant, the Joburg Ballet made ballet relevant, appealing and aching cool.

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