Gabriela Lungu talks flexible working and the true rock-stars of the creative industry

Gabriela Lungu on why flexible working is the future and why commercially-minded creatives should be revered as the true rock-stars of the industry.

What are you passionate about?

Big question. If you’re asking generally, I’m passionate about great food, travelling, my new little firm, Nordic skiing, home design, and also still ridiculously passionate about my husband, though we’ve been married for 15 years. 

Professionally, I’m very passionate about proving that underdogs can beat the odds in this industry, about contributing to the change of the industry into a truly diverse & inclusive place, about turning great creative people into effective creative leaders so that no one will ever suffer from the painful consequence of poor leadership.  

What changes to do you want to see happen in the Industry?

No more hypocrisy about diversity and agencies actually walking the talk, more brilliant women in top creative leadership roles (ECD/CCO, regional and global ECD/CCO), discipline agnostic creativity becoming the rule (not the exception – it’s such a disappointment to see that most advertising CDs’ thinking process still revolves around the TVC), commercially-minded creatives being revered as the true rock-stars of the industry.

What’s your stand out campaign of 2018?

“Bihor, not Dior” done by McCann in Bucharest (where I’m originally from) – a wonderful underdog story. It’s about how the small community of traditional artisans from Bihor (a region in Romania), powered by Beau Monde, a Romanian fashion magazine, took on fashion-giant Dior for copying a handmade coat that’s been for centuries part of this region’s culture, and for not even giving credit to the source of inspiration when including the coat in its collection. David vs. Goliath at its best.

What are your predictions for the next big thing in 2019?

Flexible working will become a reality in 2019. Not just for mums, but for everyone. Creative people have so many interests, and nurturing them makes them even better creative people. So it makes sense to stop insisting on so much office time and to redefine the way people work for agencies.

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