Aimee Luther on passion, bravery and predictions for 2019

We caught up with Aimee Luther about what changes she wants to see in the industry and what she predicts for 2019...

What are you passionate about? 

Each creative business is only as good as its people. 

Good people have good ideas. And it’s those good ideas that make a very real impact on a Clients business.  It really is that simple.  And so, nurturing these good people, bringing out the best in them and watching them fly is one of the things I’m passionate about.

What changes do you want to see happen in the Industry?

I want to see the joy return to our industry. 

There is no industry with a better combination of creativity and business acumen and yet the last decade has been pretty joyless for many. I want to see bravery beat conservatism, trust and gut instinct win the creative battles in clients heads and for the pleasure of ad-land to be felt by every Client and ad-soul alike.

What’s your stand out campaign of 2018?

Adam and Eve and Project 84.

I know, I know . . . it’s probably the most lauded campaign of the year by every poll, jury and journo alike. But as a Trustee for CALM I have been privy to its very real impact.  And that’s not the seven Cannes Lions, the 2.1billion impressions around male suicide or even the petition that led to the recent appointment of the first Minister for Suicide Prevention.  Instead, in this case impact means ‘lives saved’.  And for that I’ll be ever grateful to all those who made it happen.

What are your predictions for the next big thing in 2019?

The old Client-Agency model will dwindle further. 

Big retained relationships with big fees and big timelines will give way to the new breed of agile creative agencies who are redefining the landscape, like Fortnight Collective.   Strategy and creativity in all its forms will be liberated.  Good people who don’t fit into the agency model (yup, those Mums, Dads, those outside of London and flexi-workers) will be valued and in turn, the sun will start to shine on the good ship Ad-Land once more.

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